Welcome to coffee nerd - specialty coffee in Heidelberg

Hi, my name is Thomas and I am the owner of coffee nerd in Heidelberg.

Inspired by the early coffee scene in Berlin 2008 and my passion for lightly roasted coffee I opened coffee nerd in 2012 in Heidelberg. Since the very first day we have a straight and simple concept, our main goal is to prepare the possibly best cup of coffee we can and share our passion for coffee with our guests in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

On our menu you will find coffee, roasted by very well known international roasters, like La Cabra, Coffee Collective, Drop Coffee, Friedhats, Manhattan Coffee. We change our coffee menu every 2-3 weeks, so you can always expect something new.

We would love to welcome you at our two Cafés in Heidelberg:

coffee nerd - specialty coffee
Poststraße 18-20

This is our original Café located very central in Heidelberg with a laid back atmosphere, perfectly to meet your friends and hang out for nice cup of coffee. Sadly we had to move out from our original space. At the moment Poststraße 18-20 is in constructions. Opening will be Summer 2024

coffee nerd - specialty coffee
Fischmarkt 4

This is our new Café opened in 2023, a very minimalistic place located in the old town of Heidelberg. Here we have a very modern coffee bar and offer a variety of world class coffees from the best roasters around Europe!

Frukt Coffee

FRUKT is a small and dedicated Specialty Coffee roastery based in Turku, Finland.

After working as a roaster at the local Turun Kahvipaahtimo and later on at the Coffee Collectivein Copenhagen Samuli Pääkkönen founded FRUKT in his home town of Turku in the late 2018.

La Cabra

Taste – and almost exclusively, taste – has informed La Cabra’s roasting style ever since. There’s a purity that I look for when I say brightness – a purity of taste. I don’t want to drink a coffee without brightness; brightness drives sweetness.

Friedhats Coffee

We only want to sell coffee that tastes great, consistently and with transparency and honesty. We buy coffees directly from the producers and from trusted importers Europe-wide. We want our packaging to be reused, refilled and at the very least recycled.

DAK Coffee - awaiting delivery

We select our coffees based on their unique tasting profiles and of course that are 100% fully traceable. We partner with importers that share our values and we roast each one of our coffees carefully to bring the best flavours they have to offer.