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Pinot Flavor Cup white - Origami

Pinot Flavor Cup white - Origami

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You can enjoy an unprecedented aroma experience with the shape of a wine

glass. The lack of a handle allows you to wrap the cup in your hand and feel the This ORIGAMI flavor cup allows you to enjoy different coffee flavors depending on the shape of the cup.
Pinot" features a warped shape where the mouth touches the cup.
The smooth outward-facing curve allows the coffee to flow over the entire tongue,
making it easier to capture the flavors.
The white cup is more easily recognizable for the color of the coffee,
and the white cup is more easily recognizable for the color of the coffee.
The white glaze has a glossy sheen that makes it easy to
see the coffee color and feel the cup's smoothness to the touch.
The matte black has a "blind effect" that makes the color of the coffee invisible,
allowing you to deeply enjoy and savor the aroma and flavor of the coffee regardless of the color of the liquid.
By eliminating the handle and feeling the temperature of the coffee,
you can enjoy coffee using not only your sense of smell,
taste, and sight, but also your sense of temperature. 


Porcelain / Made in Japan
Due to the characteristics of porcelain and production conditions, the surface may have fine irregularities or numerous small holes depending on the color and production period. Please note that this is not a defect.

Size & weight

W75× Diameter Φ70×H75mm Footb Φ43mm 200ml(when full) approx. 160g

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