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Drop Coffee

Hunkute - Ethiopia, Drop Coffee | 250g

Hunkute - Ethiopia, Drop Coffee | 250g

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Flavour description: A bright aroma of black tea. Hunkute is a well-balanced and delicate cup, with flavours of apricot and Assam tea. It has medium-high citric acidity and a finish reminding of fresh peach with hints of white flowers. The body is light and reminding of iced tea
Colour: Mild  yellow
Category: Curious
Producers: Hunkute. The cooperative has 2149 members. 
Varietal: 74110 and 74112
Washing station: Hunkute Site 2
Location: Dalle, Sidamo 
Union: Sidama Union 
Harvested: January 2023
Altitude: 2150 masl
Years of relationship: 12 years, since 2011. 
Price transparency: We have paid US$3,5/lb FOB
Process: Fully washed. 
Roast Style: We are roasting this coffee for vibrancy and clarity in the cup, with a light to medium roast profile. 


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