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El Diviso - Colombia, Obadiah | 250g

El Diviso - Colombia, Obadiah | 250g

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Produced by Nestor Lasso

Region - Pitalito, Huila

Grown at 1850 masl

Varietal - Sidra

Harvest - September 2022

Process - Anaerobic Natural

Nestor Lasso’s modern processing is reflected in this complex, juicy & high quality Sidra.

Nestor Lasso is a third generation coffee producer from Colombia who has gained recognition for his innovative processing at the age of 24. The farm was originally founded by José Uribe, Nestor’s grandfather, which boasts an impressive 80,000 coffee trees.

El Diviso carries a diverse range of varietals, including this complex, juicy and refined Sidra that we were drawn to. We share their ambition in giving access to such a unique coffee to people around the world.

Driven by the commitment of the family to enhancing both their coffee quality and livelihoods, they have invested in infrastructure to facilitate the production of differentiated coffee.

This coffee was first floated with only the best selection of cherries being picked. The ripe selection is then placed in containers for 32 hours where Anaerobic fermentation will occur at 17° Celsius. The cherries are then moved into tanks for an oxidation process that spans over 52 total hours with the beans being pulped in-between. Following this, the coffee goes through a submerged fermentation process for 80 hours at 40° Celsius. At the next stage thermal shock occurs while the coffee is being washed at 65-70° Celsius to complete fermentation. Finally, the coffee is moved to a parabolic drying system, drying takes between 18 - 24 days.

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