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Drop Coffee

Ana Sora natural - Ethiopia, Drop Coffee | 250g

Ana Sora natural - Ethiopia, Drop Coffee | 250g

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Flavour profile: Ana Sora has a berry-like aroma.  It is a sweet and juicy cup reminding us of blueberry mousse. The coffee has a medium to high acidity of lemon, with flavour notes of clementine, fresh blueberries and hints of jasmine.

Colour: Blue
Category: Adventurous
Farm: Ana Sora
Producer: Israel Degfa
Varietal: The varietals planted at Ana Sora are 11/714 and 74120 which are hybrids of local landrace, as well as some Indigenous varietals
Processing: Natural. The natural process means that the beans are left to dry in the cherry after it is picked. Whole, ripe cherries are then dried in the sunshine on raised African drying beds, which are laid out on hessian cloths for 30 days + depending on the weather conditions. The cherries are covered with plastic or shade nets during the midday heat and at night.
Harvested: December 2021-January 2022
Area: Guji zone
Nearest town: Yirgacheffe
Founding year: 2013
Elevation: 1900 – 2350 meters above sea level
Price transparency: The FOB price for this coffee was 4,95 US$/lb
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee

This is for sure the highest grown coffee we have. Ana Sora is located in the famous Guji region in Yirgalem, on no less than 2350 masl. The extreme altitude contributes to the acidity in the coffee, but also the sweetness in the coffee for the longer drying time. Drop Coffee has been working for six years with Ana Sora and Israel Degfa. We have seen the procession being built and developed. And off all the process stations we have seen in Ethiopia, Ana Sora is the most advanced and quality-focused one. And you can truly taste it in the cup. 

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