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El Roble - Colombia, Obadiah | 250g

El Roble - Colombia, Obadiah | 250g

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Produced by Jairo Ivan Lopez

Region - Circasia, Quindío

Grown at 1500 - 1550 masl

Varietal - Java

Harvest - March 2022

Process - Anaerobic Natural

A standout Java from Jairo Ivan Lopez, producing a complex flavour profile with bright floral qualities.

The El Roble farm is located in the Colombian highlands of Pijao where this coffee was grown. El Roble is one of the two Colombian coffees available that we had the pleasure of selecting on our visit to the farms in South America, the second is La Esmeralda.

El Roble stood out for us on our trip for its complex flavour profile and the clean processing from owner Jairo Ivan Lopez.

El Roble is being run by owner Jairo Ivan Lopez in Colombia. This is a micro-lot of 100% Java, the variety originated from Ethiopia, the seeds were then taken to Indonesia where it was named Java and later in 2010 made its way Colombia.

The coffee is carefully sorted so that the best cherries are selected and defective cherries discarded. This lot was then exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours and then placed inside sealed tanks for 36 hours. The coffee is then placed on raised beds, below 35° Celsius, until the ideal moisture content is achieved.

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