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Keramo Daye Bensa - Ethiopia, Sumo | 250g

Keramo Daye Bensa - Ethiopia, Sumo | 250g

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Producer: Dukamo Family

Farm: Daye Bensa - Keramo Washing Station

Region: Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2300+ masl

Harvested: 2023

Kenean Dukamo of Daye Bensa placed 2nd in the Cup of Excellence 2022 Ethiopia with an anaerobic 74112 variety, scoring 90.25. Daye Bensa also placed 8th in the Cup of Excellence 2021 and 7th in the Cup of Excellence 2020. This a clear example of how much they focus on quality. 

CUPPING NOTES: Peach, jasmine, black tea, lemon, and floral notes like violet


Sourced through Coffee Quest.

Quantity bought: 180 Kg


-Coffee: 11.62€/Kg

-Shipping: 0.53€/Kg

-Packaging: 1.50€/250 g bag

Keramo Station is one of the locations from which Daye Bensa spreads the knowledge of improving processing techniques geared towards quality. 

Daye Bensa is a coffee exporting company founded in 2006 by the brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo. The company works with various communities of out-growers from whom they receive cherries and work with multiple washing stations in the Bensa, Sidama area, like Shantewene, Keramo and Bombe, including some of which they own. 

The producers of Keramo live high in the beautiful Bombe mountains and have an out-grower relationship with Daye Bensa. The out-grower group consists of about 1,500 farmers in various parts of the mountain range, and these producers deliver their coffee to Daye Bensa’s Keramo Washing Station. 

Due to the staggering elevations of up to 2,300+ meters, the beans are very dense, with heavy concentrations of the smaller screen sizes (the majority of the coffee screen sizes at 13-14). The Washed Keramo is traditionally wet fermented for between 36 and 72 hours and then dried on African beds for about 12 to 15 days until the coffee reaches approximately 10% moisture. During peak sun, the beds are covered to prevent over-drying.

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