Remera natural - Rwanda, drop coffee | 250g

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About the coffee from Remera
Flavour description: 
A sweet aroma of chocolate. This is a juicy cup with bitterness of dried cranberry. Notes of orange zest, dark chocolate, raisin andlemon. The coffee has a clean aftertaste of sherry. 
BUF company owned by Epiphanie Mukashyaka and her son Samuel Muhirwa
Category: Adventurous
Colour: Dark Blue
Washing station: Remera  
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Region: Kamonyi District, Southern Province
Harvested: January 2022 
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1550 to 1700 metres above sea level
Price transparency: 3,80 $ per pound FOB
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural sweetness in the coffee.

This winter I have really craved having a coffee that swipes your hat off. The kind of coffee that truly excites you and directly connects your taste palette and passion.  Therefore we bought this coffee.

I love all coffee we have, otherwise, we wouldn’t buy them and we have a full portfolio of floral, juicy, funky, crisp, chocolatey and the full palette of coffee from the best producers there have been out there for over a year. What is so special with this coffee is the acidity in the aftertaste. It just keeps going and going and going. It has low sweetness and THAT really excites me. Think tart, in Sweden we have Lingonberries, which remind of cranberry.