Hunkute - Ethiopia, drop coffee | 250g



Flavour description: A delicate aroma of black tea. Hunkute is a well-balanced and delicate cup, with flavours of apricot and Assam tea. It has medium-high citric acidity and a finish reminding of Chardonnay wine with hints of white flowers. The body is light and tea-like
Colour: Mild  yellow
Category: Curious
Producers: Hunkute. The cooperative has 2149 members. 
Varietal: 74110 and 74112
Washing station: Hunkute Site 2
Location: Dalle, Sidamo 
Union: Sidama Union 
Harvested: November 2021 - January 2022
Altitude: 2150 masl
Years of relationship: 11 years, since 2011. 
Price transparency: We have paid US$3.70/lb FOB
Process: Fully washed.

The coffee needs to be mainly mature red to be considered as "Grade One". Cherries are hand sorted for unripe and overripe cherries by the farmers before they go into production. First, the coffee is de-pulped, meaning that the skin and pulp are removed from the beans by a machine. Then the beans are being fermented underwater for 72 hours. After that, the coffee is separated by density in water channels and rinsed with clean water. Before the water is going back to nature, the water is neutralized by filters to not harm nature. The coffee cherries are dried on 20-25 days on raised beds until it reads a moister level of 11 to 11.5%. 
Roast Style: We are roasting this coffee for vibrancy and clarity in the cup, with a light to medium roast profile.

Hunkute is a very special coffee to us at Drop; we have been buying Hunkute for over 11 years straight. It is an important profile in our portfolio and our history; the coffee is delicate and pretty like no other. Hunkute is the direct opposite to loud and bold still so many of our Drop Coffee drinkers hold this as one of their favorites. And so do we.

Hunkute is located in the Dalle region in Sidamo and is made up of two washing stations where the coffee is being processed. This coffee is from Hunkute Site 2 located at 2150 masl. The members of the cooperative, delivering coffee to Hunkute washing station during harvest, are small-scale farmers with 0,5-5 hectares, from the surrounding area.

This coffee is certified organic.