Wilmar Matoma - Colombia, La Cabra | 250g


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A sweet & rich coffee
A long oxygen-free pre-fermentation leads to a soft and sweet cup profile in this lot by Wilmar Matoma in Gaitania in Southern Tolima.

The undisturbed volcanic soils and high altitude here lead to excellent conditions for high quality lots.
  • Producer: Wilmar Matoma
  • Region: Tolima
  • Altitude: 1800 masl
  • Varietal: Caturra
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest: October 2021

Wilmar Matoma grows coffee on his farm Tres Cruces, close to the town of Gaitania in southern Tolima, not far from the border with Huila. The mountainous land here, and healthy volcanic soils, shielded from the effects of the more intensive agriculture further north, lead to excellent pre-cursors for quality coffee. Gaitania is known for being one of the centres for the origins of the FARC guerrilla group, so the area has seen its share of violence over the past half century. Most in the area are excited to move on from the conflict, looking to a peaceful future where they can create a more stable living. Wilmar grows mainly traditional varietals like Caturra, and subscribes to more traditional farming methods, using shade trees and intercropping with food crops, not only to create more biodiversity, but to shield himself and his family from coffee price volatility through a secondary income stream.

The processing of this lot, developed alongside Cofinet, is anything but traditional. The process-forward, yet clean and integrated expression created here is testament to Wilmar’s work in the field, and to Cofinet’s expert fermentation advice. To achieve this, cherries are fermented for 40 hours in sealed plastic tanks, before drying on raised beds. The oxygen-free pre-fermentation means that a great deal of the fermentable sugars are consumed before the cherries go to the drying beds, allowing a much greater deal of control over the cup profile, here presented as creamy milk chocolate and soft jammy blueberry notes.